"I begin into abstraction into figurative artistry. An informal construct to compose Art. Something more natural to me to a language of geo-forms and transits in space."

"Comienzo a la abstracción en el arte figurativo. Construcción informal para componer arte. Algo más natural para mí en un lenguaje de formas geográficas y tránsitos en el espacio."


La ángel del lago.
Acrylic. 24" x 24"

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Women of the arroyo
Acrylic. 78" x 66"

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The mysteries of life (universe, god, creation, duality, time and space).

–Mayan MisoAmerican knowledge.

La tumba del mondos
Acrylic. 24" x 108"

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Guillermo-William Bejarano presents his paintings, photographs and computer artistry, including a number of artists in his personal collections of artwork.

Pescadero, Baja, Sur
Oil. 30" x 40

Pescadero, Baja Sur, Mexico is a fishing cooperative on the Pacific Ocean south of Todos Santos of fishermen who take their motorized "pangas" boats far north along the shore and out into the sea. My painting is an abstraction of their journeys.

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2El ángel del lago

Concepto cero
Acrylic. 16" x 20"

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Hurricane of triangular winds
Acrylic. 24" x 30" Sold

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