Artist's Statement

Absolute Zero "Concepto Cero" Acrylic. NFS

My medium is acrylic and occasionally will use computer artistry. I enjoy paintings in figurative abstractions or the Expressionist style. I feel that this represents me. I push myself to have a strong or vivid appearance in my art and audacious representation in the Chicano arts.

My artistry involves merging ancient and modern art forms into a unidimensional area of paintings. An artist's effort to recreate memories, visions, dreams, ideas, concepts, and depictions of nature, landscapes, and stellar structure.

A newspaper art critique once described my paintings as an archetype in Jungian psychology—a primitive mental image inherited from the earliest human ancestors and supposes to be present in the collective unconscious invoking the conception of deep emotions.

My website contains my personal art collection and memorabilia, awards, exhibits, murals, photography, publications, a poem, and hyperlink.