University of Southern California. Marshall School of Business, Entrepreneur Program.

1969–76: CSU-Northridge. B.A. in "Painting." Fine Arts Department. Art Professors: Saul Bernstein and Hans Burkhart. A double major: B.A.
Mexican American Studies.

Job Corp, 1965–67. Gary Center, San Marcos, Tx. Graduation: Commercial Arts, Photography, Drawing and Oil/Acrylic Painting,

2007: Network Aztlan dot com Webmaster/owner William Aurelio Bejarano (Guillermo): Mención Honorifica Premio Comunidades Transnacionales, CNCA. Mexico City.

2007: Best of Show by San Jose Tech Museum for Digital Murals. California Museum of Photography UCR--Riverside, Ca., “Artist-In Residence,” 

1995: Special Mention by the Primero Biennale de Pintura Mexicana y Chicana, sponsor, Mexican Consulate/City of Los Angeles.

1977-80: Co-recipient/Grant Awards, National Endowment for the Arts, California Arts Council, City of Los Angeles and County and New York Coordinating Council for Small-Press Publishers.

2018 Latino Art Museum, Pomona CA. Solo Exhibit. Title: "Transformation"

Smithsonian American Art Museum, Mechicano Arts collection.Washington DC.

Exhibit travels from DC to the Frost Art Museum, Miami, Florida (April 2, 2014 (June 22, 2014) Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, California (September 21, 2014 (January 11, 2015) Utah Museum of Fine Arts in Salt Lake City, Utah (February 6, 2015 (May 17, 2015) Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock, Arkansas (October 16, 2015 (January 17, 2016) Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington, Delaware (March 5, 2016 (May 29, 2016) Hunter Museum of American Art in Chattanooga, Tennessee (February 17, 2017 (June 4, 2017) Sioux City Art Center in Sioux City, Iowa (July 8, 2017) October 15, 2017)

2012 La Galeria Gitana. Group Show: From Equinox to Solstice: Reflections on a Mayan Calendar, San Fernando, CA.

2012 MEX/L.A: Mexicano Modernism(s) in Los Angeles, 1930-1985, focuses on the construction of different notions of "Mexicanidad" within modernist and contemporary art in Los Angeles.Museum of Latino Arts MOLA, Long beach, CA.

2008 Avenue 52 Studio & Gallery Presente! Homenaje a la Mujer. Aliados con Amnesty network of Amnesty International USA.

2007 Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, The Great Wall of Chinga. Group show 14 Artists from Mexico and 14 Artists from US.

2006 Gallery 33 (Michael Stern), Long Beach, Ca. Two-Person Artshow,

2005 “Just Another Poster” Chicano Graphic Arts in California Traveling exhibit at UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural, Oakland Museum of California, Merced Multicultural Arts Center,Jersey City Museum,Crocker Art Museum, and La Raza Galería Posada.

2005 Emerging from Aztlan, dA Gallery, Pomona, CA.

2004 La Familia Returning to Aztlan dA Center for the Arts, Pomona, CA.

2003 Returning to Aztlan, The dA Center for Arts, Pomona, CA

2003 Avenue 50 Studio, Highland Park, Ca. Group,

2002 Rudy F. AcuĖa Gallery & Culture Center,, Ventura Ca. El Movimiento, Chicano.

2000 Casa Azul Gallery, Pomona, Ca. Group Show—Amigazos!

2000 Gallery 57, Pomona, Ca. Group Show—The Millennium Exhibition.

2000 DA Gallery, Pomona, Ca. Group show—Porque? Y2K.

1999 Miller Sheets Gallery, Pomona, Ca., California Blends: Tradition and Change.

1995 Unity Arts Center/William Reigh; Los Angeles Photographic Center —12th Annual Celebration/Day of the Dead, sponsor City of L.A.,Cultural Affairs Department.

1995 Galeria Las Americas, Los Angeles, Ca. Group Show, —“Sol de Verano”.

1994–95 I Bienal de Pintura Mexicana y Chicana “First Biennial of Mexican and Chicano Painters”, sponsor--Institute of the Mexican Consulate of L. A . Traveling Group Show first exhibited in LA, then to various cities of Mexico. Special Mention: Indicating in the manner that digital technique can be accepted as painting.

1978 The Public Art Center, Highland Park, Ca. Group Show.

1975 Chicano Art CSU-Northridge, Fine Arts Gallery, Group Show.

1975 Chicano Art El Jardin de Flor y Canto, Pacoima, Ca. Group Show.

1970-72 Chicano Art Mechicano Art Center, Los Angeles, Ca. Group Shows,

1999 Downtown Pomona Mural Program: Third and Thomas Street, Pomona Ca, "Spider Woman," 4' x 8' Acrylic on canvas.

1999 Fairplex@Miller Sheets Gallery. Los Angeles County Fair. “Mayan Time', 4' x 20'.
1980 Argil Building Material Co., 4754 Floral Drive, East Los Angeles. L. A. City Scape 14' x 50'. Assistant Artist to Carlos D. Almaraz.

1976 El Monte Community Center, El Monte, Ca. Tree of Life, 15' x 20', (destroyed). funded by Los Angeles County CETA Project,

1973 California State University, Northridge, Chicano Studies Department, Sierra North, La Raza Cosmica, 9' x 90',

1972 E. Los Angeles Doctors Hospital, L.A, Ca. Interior: Medical Science, 4' x 40'. Open competition: Mechicano Art Center,1971 Mechicano.Whittier Blvd., & Townsend, E. L.A.,, Ca. Untitled, 16' x 40', (destroyed). Assignment: Mechicano Art Center,

1970 CSU-Northridge, Old Student Union bldg., Quinto Sol, 8' x 16', (bldg. destroyed).

2013 Smithsonian American Art Museum, Mechicano Arts collection. The catalogue includes essays by Tomas Ybarra-Frausto, independent scholar; and E. Carmen Ramos, curator of Latino art at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

2012 MEX/L.A: Mexican
o Modernism(s) in Los Angeles, 1930-1985, focuses on the construction of different notions of "Mexicanidad" within modernist and contemporary art in Los Angeles.Museum of Latino Arts MOLA, Long beach, CA.

1980–81 Chisme Arte with The Los Angeles Latino Writers Workshop: Publisher and Art Director of ‘L.A. 201’ Bi-centennial. A collection of literature & visual art of Los Angeles. Sponsored by Self Help Graphics.

1978–80 Art Direc tor. Chismearte’ Magazine. Concilio de Arte Popular.
1978–79 Art Director ‘Somos’ Magazine, San Bernardino, Ca.


William Bejarano "Bill" birth place is San Diego, California.

Presently, Bill and Pamala Bejarano have dual residencies in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico and have a US residency, Laguna Hills, CA.

Bill's artist' name is: Guillermo Bejarano.


The Job Corp., Gary Center, Tx. Graduated In commercial arts, photography and painting. I was employed by the North American, Space & Information Systems Division (NASA APOLLO).

I was a founding member Chicano Street Arts Movement and The Los Angeles Latino Writer's Workshops and a proponent of California Arts Council in part of a coalition of community artists & art centers.

My artwork can be found at the Latino Art Museum in Pomona, Ca. And Smithsonian, Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art in Washington, DC.

I received a BA in Painting/Fine Arts from the California State University, Northridge (CSUN) and a second degree in Mexican American Studies. During my time at CSUN, I was given the opportunity to study in a ‘special elective’ internship in Mexico City under the direction of David Alfaro Siqueiros, a renowned muralist artist. My study of the Visual Arts of “las Americas” was a testimonial to my achievements in American Arts (USA).

After my graduation from the CSUN, I was an Art Director for several commercial and literary magazines. 1989: I attended the University of Southern California, School of Business. I was the owner of a graphic arts, printing, website and marketing business. I was Regional Technical Service Representative for A.B. Dick Co. (An international manufacture of printing equipment)...Retiring, I pursued the fine arts in painting. I was offered Artist-In-Residentship at the California Museum of Photography and awarded honors with distinction in digital arts. My wife Pamela and I moved to Todos Santos in September 2010. We still have limited residence in Laguna Hills, Ca.

Figurative Abstract Paintings.

The Long Beach Grunion Gazette Newspaper wrote an art critique described my paintings as archetype in Jungian psychology: a primitive mental image inherited from the earliest human ancestors, and supposed to be present in the collective unconscious which evoke conception of deep emotions.

I have a varied interest in abstract-figurative painting. I like to paint landscapes in the form of a silhouette, cosmic matter, atmospheric force, shape and color. My interest includes organic and allegorical forms *. Expressionism is my natural aesthetic penchant for abstraction and figurative paintings.

Arts Organizations

I was a member of Taller de Gráfica Popular, Mx., The Los Angeles Organizations: "Mechicano Art Center", El Jardin de Flor y Canto, Centro de Arte Publico (CAP), and The Public Art Center. Art Director of a state-wide publication called Chismearte..


We received financial support by the California Council for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, New York Coordinating Counsel for Small-Press Publications, and from City and the County of Los Angeles.


In 2013, I was one of several presenters in the video presentation on the life of David Alfaro Siquerios. The video presentation can be seen at the El Pueblo Historic Monument in downtown Los Angeles. The Siquerios Legacy was sponsored by the Getty Conservation Institute project on the conservation of the Siqueiros’ mural American Tropical (Los Angeles, Ca.).

In 2012, KCET-TV did a presentation on the history of Highland Park, Ca., called Departures. I was invited to share my involvement with the Public Art Center (late 1970’s to early 1980’s) in a video presentation which can be found at their KCET’s website.


William Aurelio Bejarano (Guillermo) nació en San Diego, CA.

William y su esposa Pamela tienen residencias dobles en Todos Santos, Baja Sur, México y Laguna Hills, California, EE. UU.


The Job Corp., Gary Center, Tx. Graduado en artes comerciales, fotografía y pintura. Fui empleado de la División de Sistemas de Información y Espacio de América del Norte (NASA APOLLO).

Fui miembro fundador del Movimiento de Arte Callejero Chicano y de los Talleres de Escritores Latinos de Los Ángeles y defensor del Consejo de Artes de California en parte de una coalición de artistas y centros de arte comunitarios.

Mi obra de arte se puede encontrar en el Museo de Arte Latino en Pomona, California. Y Smithsonian, Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art in Washington, DC.

Recibí una licenciatura en Pintura / Bellas Artes de la Universidad Estatal de California, Northridge (CSUN) y un segundo título en Estudios Mexicano-Americanos. Durante mi tiempo en CSUN, tuve la oportunidad de estudiar en una pasantía de "especial electiva" en la Ciudad de México bajo la dirección de David Alfaro Siqueiros, un reconocido artista muralista. Mi estudio de las Artes Visuales de "las Américas" fue un testimonio de mis logros en American Arts (EE.UU.).

Después de graduarme de CSUN, fui Director de Arte para varias revistas comerciales y literarias. 1989: Asistí a la Escuela de Negocios de la Universidad del Sur de California. Era el dueĖo de un negocio de artes gráficas, impresión, sitios web y marketing. Fui Representante Regional de Servicio Técnico para A.B. Dick Co. (Una fabricación internacional de equipos de impresión) ... Retirándome, seguí las bellas artes en la pintura. Me ofrecieron Artista en Residencia en el Museo de Fotografía de California y obtuve honores con distinción en artes digitales. Mi esposa Pamela y yo nos mudamos a Todos Santos en septiembre de 2010. Todavía tenemos una residencia limitada en Laguna Hills, California.Pinturas abstractas figurativas

Pinturas abstractas figurativas

* El periódico Long Beach Grunion Gazette escribió una crítica de arte que describía mis pinturas como un arquetipo en psicología junguiana: una imagen mental primitiva heredada de los primeros ancestros humanos, y que se supone que está presente en el inconsciente colectivo que evoca la concepción de las emociones profundas.

Tengo un interés variado en la pintura abstracto-figurativa. Me gusta pintar paisajes en forma de silueta, materia cósmica, fuerza atmosférica, forma y color. Mi interés incluye formas orgánicas y alegóricas*. El expresionismo es mi inclinación estética natural por la abstracción y las pinturas figurativas.

Organizaciones artísticas: Fui miembro de Taller de Gráfica Popular, Mx., Las organizaciones de Los Ángeles: "Mechicano Art Center", El Jardín de Flor y Canto, Centro de Arte Público (CAP) y The Public Art Center. Director de arte de una publicación estatal llamada Chismearte.


Recibimos apoyo financiero del Consejo de las Artes de California, el National Endowment for the Arts, el Consejo Literario de Nueva York para publicaciones de prensa pequeĖa y de la ciudad y el condado de Los Ángeles.


En 2013, fui uno de los varios presentadores en la presentación en video sobre la vida de David Alfaro Siquerios. La presentación en video se puede ver en el Monumento Histórico El Pueblo en el centro de Los Ángeles. El legado de Siquerios fue patrocinado por el proyecto Getty Conservation Institute sobre la conservación del mural de Siqueiros American Tropical (Los Ángeles, CA).

En 2012, KCET-TV hizo una presentación sobre la historia de Highland Park, California, llamada Departures. Me invitaron a compartir mi participación con el Centro de Arte Público (finales de 1970 hasta principios de 1980) en una presentación de video que se puede encontrar en el sitio web de su KCET.



California State University: Artwork 1969–1975

Todos Santos: Home, Art studio, Travels

Self-Help Graphics, Dia de Los Muertos/Teatro Campesinos. Photo by Guillermo Bejarano


Centro Publico



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