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Tumbado de los Mondos, Acrylic. 24" x 108," 1999. A concept of space-time and the spheres of the cosmos


Ixchel. Acrylic. 36" x 36" on canvas Click!...To enlarge.

Ixchel was the Maya goddess of the moon, of nature, and of love. She was the wife of the sun god Ak Kin, and was often represented accompanied by a rabbit.

I am an abstract-figurative painter and photographer to express my artistic and culture-driven ideas.

As an abstract figurative artist, my paintings depict reimagined ancient art forms of the Americas: the ancient forces of nature, and of earth, space, and time. I paint in ways that try to understand the mysteries of the universe. I like to produce the art of 'Chicano' to viewers' such subjects, things, and forms to think about in my work.

Soy un pintor y fotógrafo figurativo abstracto para expresar mis ideas artísticas y culturales.

Como artista figurativo abstracto, mis pinturas representan formas de arte antiguas reinventadas de las Américas: las antiguas fuerzas de la naturaleza y de la tierra, el espacio y el tiempo. Pinto de maneras que intentan comprender los misterios del universo. Me gusta producir el arte de 'chicano' para los espectadores, tales temas, cosas y formas en las que pensar en mi trabajo.


guillermo bejarano
guillermo bejarano